Juvenile Justice

Why JJM?

Every day in Kitsap County there are 300 kids on court ordered community supervision, and 10-30 of them are actively incarcerated. The sad fact is, that for many of these young people, the detention center is the only place they feel safe, have reliable meals, are sober, or are not constantly verbally abused. It is also a place of deep despair for many, and a place where they have the time to think about their lives with a clear mind and an open heart. It is during this time that they are most open to hearing the transformational message of Jesus.

How does JJM impact kids?

Every single kid is wired for relationship. Whether they are outgoing and loud, or quiet and reserved, they want deep relationships with people who care about them. We believe this is a God-given desire, true of every kid, and we want to be those caring individuals who engage them in that relationship. Every program, every interaction, is designed to build a relationship and to start conversation. Through those conversations we earn the right to speak into the lives of the youth we meet with the hope and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

What is JJM?

We strive to respond to the needs of incarcerated youth with relational programs that encourage conversation and build capacity for success in kids. We have 3 types of JJM programming which draws kids deeper into conversation and relationship with each step.

  1. Life Skills is a detention-based program which brings basic character issues and Biblical principles to all detained youth in a fun and interactive way. We want to meet every detained kid and have the opportunity to show them that we care despite what they have done.
  2. Talk Time is the detention-based follow-up for Life Skills and gives kids a chance to sit down with one of our volunteers who will help them apply the topic to their life and situation, as well as sharing Scripture and prayer with them.
  3. Mentoring is the way that we stay connected with kids as they return to their normal lives. We can be there for them as they return to the peer pressure, unsupportive homes, and temptations of this world. This is where we go deeper, bringing the light of the Gospel into their lives and helping them stay true to the life they really want to live.

JJM focuses heavily upon relational evangelism. We teach and model “3Story.” 3Story® is a way of life that guides followers of Christ to BE good news while telling stories of THE good news. It is natural, friendly, and freeing – as you abide in Christ, His love flows through you to others as you journey together.

What are JJM's Focal Points?

Balanced Programming:
Using outreach, bible study, small group programming, and personal mentoring to meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs in a young person’s life.
Frequent Connection:
Entering into a youth’s world to build healthy relationships and model Christ-like behavior on a frequent and ongoing basis.
One-on-One Contacts:
Meeting individually with a young person to provide personal attention and focus on specific needs.
Creating systems and structure for sustained relationships to help teens successfully re-enter their communities.

Get Involved:

Chaplaincy is every Monday and Saturday at 5:30pm

Life Skills meets the third Saturday of every month at 2:30pm

Contact Cecil Lucas for more information cecil@westsoundyfc.org